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Metcalfe Station – Lawndale Historical Society

Work 119 Piedmont Drive Lawndale NC Work Phone: (704) 538-7212 Website: Metcalfe Station Lawndale NC
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Members of the Lawndale Historical Society greet visitors at the Metcalfe Station. The station is open on Sundays from 2 to 4 p.m. June through October. From this site Mr. Q. H. Metcalfe supervised section crews for the Lawndale Railway and Industrial Company, 1899-1943.

If you take the time to stop by the Metcalfe Station, you’re in for a treat and a historical lesson. The store served some cold drinks and a few groceries and treats in its’ day. Inside you can sign the registry and see many vintage items. Metcalfe Station, located on N.C. 226 North (2940 Polkville Road, Shelby), served as the stop between Lawndale and Shelby for the narrow gauge railroad that connected Cleveland Mills to the major railways. In the station’s later years, it was serviced with Texaco gasoline to supply gas for automobiles that were becoming more popular.

A group of volunteers refurbished the station and an original railroad boxcar and was opened to the public in 2001. The land, original buildings and boxcar were donated in memory of Quincy Hague.

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